Discover IT @ Home story: Luke

Luke drawing with his tabletLearn how Discover IT @ Home helped a graphic artist with severe back pain to work anywhere, anytime.

Luke was 16 when he damaged his back in a skateboarding accident. A passionate boarder, he shrugged it off, never realising the extent of his injuries until a few years later when he began to experience severe and debilitating pain.

By this point Luke was establishing himself as a graphic artist. But his back meant that sitting in one position for any length of time caused him intense pain. Using a standard computer at a desk was extremely difficult.

Hearing about Discover IT @ Home, Luke got in touch to see if we could help. After understanding the situation, we provided Luke with a specialist tablet designed for drawing, painting and design. This not only allowed him to work more effectively, but the fact that it is a tablet means Luke can use it much more flexibly.

He no longer has to struggle with wanting to work but knowing that doing so could cause him more pain. With the flexibility to paint and work anywhere, and in any position, it allows him to manage his disability and to limit the pain he experiences.

When I received my tablet I was over the moon, and really pleased that people saw the truth of my situation. I realised the world isn’t such a bad place after all! — Luke

For Luke, drawing and painting is not just about work, it’s also therapeutic. In this way, receiving the equipment not only gives him greater opportunities for work, it also greatly improves his quality of life.

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