Can Do volunteer profile — Beth Richards

Beth Richards, Can Do volunteer, being interviewed on the radioBeth Richards is a Can Do volunteer. She said some of the skills and development she has gained through Can Do are:

  • Confidence in speaking in front of people. Before Can Do, Beth had done drama and performed as part of a group, but with Can Do she performed and presented in front of a group when she was just with one other person.
  • Independence and confidence in travelling by train alone. Before Can Do, Beth hadn’t got on trains without her family. By doing several train journeys with her Can Do project coordinator, Beth gained confidence and independence and now she can travel to London by train on her own.
  • Skills in giving talks about disability. Beth said she feels she knows the kind of things to talk about now and feels this has helped give her skills for her current job.
  • Presentation skills. Beth needed to do a presentation for her job interview. Her presentation was about her taking part in Tri Together. Her new job is about inspiring young disabled people and she feels she has gained knowledge and experience about inspiring, and being inspired, through what she has done with Can Do.

‘I wanted to volunteer because I wanted to do different things and have new experiences.

‘I have enjoyed all my volunteering activities and I have liked doing new things.

‘I think [volunteering] has improved my job prospects a bit because I think before volunteering I didn’t know if I wanted to do a job in radio or TV but now I would like to because of my experience at Bristol Community Radio (BCfm). I recently applied for a TV job that I wouldn’t have applied for before volunteering. I have more confidence now thanks to volunteering. I have met new people through BCfm and training to lead workshops.

‘If I hadn’t volunteered I don’t think I would have gone to new places or had new experiences.’

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