Peggy's story

Peggy, a full time carer from London, was originally referred by the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) to Leonard Cheshire Disability for assistance with securing funding for the installation of a ground floor toilet.

Her husband has Alzheimer’s disease and has also had a stroke.

Leonard Cheshire Disability reviewed the local authority’s decision not to award a Disabled Facilities Grant.

They also supported Peggy in looking into other sources of grant funding. As her husband’s mobility declined he became confined to his bedroom and a ground floor toilet was no longer a priority.

It soon became apparent a ceiling track would be required for the room. The local authority were reluctant to provide the equipment, so Leonard Cheshire Disability pursued the Royal British Legion for financial support. Because of her husband’s former National Service, they kindly funded the costs in full.

Apart from the significant benefits of care personnel being able to safely manoeuvre Peggy's husband, the ceiling track hoist has also enabled the bedroom to be re-arranged so he is able to enjoy watching the world go by from his bedroom window.

Due to a reluctance to leave her husband, Peggy had experimented with online shopping. However, this exercise was very hit and miss and often involved a telephone call to Sainsbury’s or a family member regarding unfulfilled orders! 

Leonard Cheshire Disability referred Peggy to U Can Do IT for IT training and approximately six months later she could complete online shopping and other basic tasks.

Despite her family’s initial scepticism, Peggy is successfully using her iPad to correspond with her grandchildren.

Other support given by Peggy's advisor at Leonard Cheshire Disability included obtaining Disability Rate Relief, a Blue Badge and providing a ‘listening ear’, given Peggy’s demanding caring responsibilities and challenging lifestyle.

‘Just a big thank you to everybody concerned for all the good things that you did for us.

‘It has made an awful lot of difference to my husband, and I have also benefited from the excellent advice given by Kim. I don't know what I would have done without her.’ — Peggy

If you are interested in receiving support from Leonard Cheshire Disability and are part of the banking community, please apply by contacting the BWC helpline on 0800 023 4834.

You can also visit the BWC website for more information on eligibility criteria.