Carol's story

Carol was referred by Bank Workers Charity (BWC) to Leonard Cheshire Disability for assistance with financial and employment issues.

Her client support advisor checked her benefit eligibility, and helped her apply for Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

This resulted in her being placed in the work related group of ESA. With financial support from the BWC, Carol was also able to replace her broken boiler and get an annual swimming membership.

Because of the stress associated with returning to work, it became apparent that resuming Carol's former banking role would be inappropriate. 

Therefore, support was provided to update her CV and identify alternative jobs for her. In a short period, Carol secured a full-time role with a Council. 

Because it is local, the travelling time is much less and this, together with the nature of the new role, is letting Carol gently ease herself back into work.

Consequently she is benefiting from a recovery in her mental health condition.

Also, during her sickness absence, Carol acquired an interest in counselling — and she intends to pursue a training course in the foreseeable future.

‘The encouragement and professional feedback from my Leonard Cheshire Disability advisor with my CV gave me the confidence to apply for jobs. 

‘Successfully securing a job has placed me on the first step to full recovery and hopefully will provide me with a better quality of life in all areas.

‘My advisor’s constant reassurance and guidance made me realise that I was not alone with the issues I encountered with my disability in the workforce.’ — Carol

If you are interested in receiving support from Leonard Cheshire Disability and are part of the banking community, please apply by contacting the BWC helpline on 0800 023 4834.

You can also visit the BWC website for more information on eligibility criteria.