Bank Workers Charity partnership case study: Mrs Taylor

Mrs Taylor has rheumatoid arthritis. Due to a recent bereavement she was also struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Mrs Taylor needed financial help to resurface her drive, which was in a bad state and preventing her leaving her house in the winter months. She felt isolated and only went out once a week to volunteer for a local charity.

Following an initial appointment with a Bank Workers Charity (BWC) client advisor, they referred Mrs Taylor to Leonard Cheshire Disability for support in several areas. These included help to relieve Mrs Taylor’s feelings of isolation and in getting out of the house more often.

Mrs Taylor now receives weekly visits from a local befriending service and has signed up for day services with a local charity. This has dramatically increased her social participation. We also put Mrs Taylor in touch with a bereavement counsellor, which has helped to reduce her feelings of anxiety.

We helped Mrs Taylor find door to door transport services which will help her become more independent. BWC helped Mrs Taylor with financial assistance towards the repair of the drive, meaning that she can now leave her home even when the weather is bad. Leonard Cheshire Disability completed a benefit check to determine if there were any benefits to which she was entitled. We advised Mrs Taylor on how to apply for Attendance Allowance, which she has now done. If successful with the application, Mrs Taylor could receive up to £81.30 per week in extra income. 

Mrs Taylor said: ‘As a result of LCD’s work I now feel I am more active and less isolated. I am more able to take part fully in all life has to offer.’