Bank Workers Charity partnership case study: Susan Martin

Susan Martin is a carer of her 20-year-old son Lewis, who has tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy. She was referred to Leonard Cheshire Disability by the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) as she required support with the care for her son and was considering a bathroom adaptation.

When we identified that there was no statutory funding available, BWC funded a level access shower which greatly enhanced Susan’s ability to care independently for Lewis.

As a consequence of the physical care she provided over many years, Susan damaged her shoulder. Leonard Cheshire Disability helped to mediate between social services and the NHS so that a night-time care package was in place for Lewis during Susan’s recovery from surgery.

Susan said: ‘Both Lewis and I have had our lives changed in so many ways because of the support received from Leonard Cheshire and BWC. My Leonard Cheshire mentor Kim has given me overwhelming support, wonderful advice and allowed me to be me. Kim has transformed my outlook on life. It’s enabled my son to become an adult and made me realise he was able to do more in life than I thought he could.’

The benefits of Leonard Cheshire Disability's mentoring are enabling Lewis to lead a more fulfilling life and are improving the relationship between mother and son. Lewis is now attending a full-time Sports Level II Diploma Course, periodically working at his local McDonald’s and enjoying social activities with his small circle of friends without his mother’s presence.

‘The support I received made life liveable again; I have come from despair to hope.’ — Susan