Annoymous story — counciling and a listening ear

A woman who's benefited from our partnership with the Bank Worker's Charity‘The Bank Workers Charity referred me to Leonard Cheshire Disability to receive assistance with my informal caring role and general mentoring support.

‘In spring 2016 the demands of meeting the increased care needs of my elderly parents who are in their 80’s, whilst continuing to maintain a senior role in the banking industry, began to negatively impact on my physical and mental well-being.

‘Having established the care and support needs of my mother and father, my mentor Kim Dalton identified a number of options including Age UK, direct payments and the possibility of both care at home providers and temporary care home placements to accommodate respite and recuperation.

‘The information and guidance provided enabled me to organise convalescent care for both parents quickly at a time when it was urgently needed and also implement dedicated help to support my dad.

‘Since conclusion of the mentoring relationship I have also successfully assisted my father in obtaining Attendance Allowance. This weekly benefit is financially contributing towards home-based care.

‘Coping with my mother’s deteriorating behaviour and trying to address her reluctance to participate in family social activities, became increasingly challenging.

‘The ability to discuss the situation with Kim during our "listening ear" appointments encouraged me to consider relationship counselling. Following internet research I was provided with a number of counselling practices within a reasonable distance of where I work.

‘The course of counselling has helped me deal with the feelings of guilt, because I am not always able to help my mother overcome her problems and has also helped me understand why she feels and acts as she does and how to react and respond in a more positive way. 

‘Without the practical advice on where to go to get expert help and the "listening ear" which gave me the personal support I so desperately needed, I doubt whether as a family we would have reached the point we are at now, where my parents are safe and secure and properly cared for at home which is where they most want to be.’

We work in partnership with BWC to improve the lives of current and former bank workers by providing information and guidance, as well as helping them access financial support. BWC funded the service we delivered.

Our service is tailored to your needs and provides you with personalised information and advice or mentoring support. If you work or have worked for a bank, get in touch to find out how we can help you or your family.