Adam's story

Adam (pseudonym), a current bank employee working in London, contacted the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) following a period of depression and a diagnosis of bi-polar Type 2 disorder.

Despite going through a phased return to work, Adam found it difficult to address disability-related issues in the workplace.

After an assessment by BWC, it was suggested a referral to Leonard Cheshire Disability might be beneficial to help him back into work.

Adam had received some assistance from his employer’s occupational health team with a phased return to work.

However, Adam initially felt as though he wasn't in control of his situation, which lead to considerable stress and anxiety.

Leonard Cheshire Disability were able to provide him with information on reasonable adjustments at work, in particular in relation to mental health.

Leonard Cheshire Disability made Adam aware of employment rights and helped put him in touch with organisations that could provide specialist employment advice, for future reference.

With this knowledge and from discussions with Leonard Cheshire on how to raise issues in the workplace, Adam was better able to discuss and make his employer aware of his strengths and limitations.

Leonard Cheshire Disability's understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face every day, and the listening ear offered whilst Adam adjusted to his situation, was found to be incredibly helpful.

Since working with Leonard Cheshire Disability, Adam can now better manage his workload. He has the confidence to communicate any issues regarding his disability to his employer. 

‘Speaking with Leonard Cheshire Disability really does make a difference. It helped because you do not feel as though you are the only one in this situation, and they can support you through a difficult time.’ — Adam

If you are interested in receiving support from Leonard Cheshire Disability and are part of the banking community, please apply by contacting the BWC helpline on 0800 023 4834.

You can also visit the BWC website for more information on eligibility criteria.