Our goal was to support young people with a disability (16–25) living in London into employment or training. They had to have a Statement of Educational Needs (SEN), a ‘139 assessment’ from a careers advisor or a moving on plan (‘140 assessment’) from their college.

Worksmart was a voluntary programme that supported people to become ready for work, training or education that ran from October 2012 to October 2015.

It was tailored to individual needs. Everyone had their own advisor who supported them into employment, education or training, enabling them to grow in confidence and live more independently.

Depending on where you lived, the following partners worked to support people into employment, education or training and help them to fulfil their potential:

  • Barnet & Southgate College
  • The Camden Society
  • Ellingham Employment Services
  • Newham College
  • Royal Mencap Society
  • Tower Project JET
  • Urban Futures