Paralympics: creating opportunities

To mark the Paralympic year, we are creating opportunities for and from sport for disabled people.

Let's level the playing field

Paralympians are doing amazing things, but many disabled people in the UK are still being denied access to exercise.


You can help level the playing field.

Reports from Rio

Freelance journalist and Leonard Cheshire press officer Barney Cullum has been in Rio covering the Paralymics. Here's a selection of the reports he has filed.

Rio Paralympics: double amputee Richard Whitehead aims to amaze again tonight

11 September 2016

Richard Whitehead, born with no legs beneath his knees, defends his London Paralympic Games gold medal tonight.

Rio Paralympics: protecting the prospects of Brazil’s ‘Zika babies’

10 September 2016

Our Rio correspondent investigates what's happening in Brazil to protect babies who have the Zika virus.

Rio Paralympics: blind running

9 September 2016

Libby Clegg was the first member of ParalympicsGB to perform at Rio’s Olympics Stadium yesterday — and today may become Britain’s first athlete to win gold on the track.

Rio Paralympics: opening ceremony embraced by Brazil

8 September 2016

Faith in the appeal of the Paralympic Games was rewarded last night as over 50,000 ticket-holders flocked to fill Brazil’s most famous arena, the Maracana.

Rio Paralympics: Rio’s moment of reckoning

7 September 2016

Journalist Barney Cullum is in Rio for the Paralympic Games.

Rio Paralympics 2016: ones to watch

6 September 2016

Rio 2016 will see new stars illuminate the stage. With anticipation growing, Barney Cullum highlights a few to look out for.

Improved mental health through sport and exercise

Wimbledon wheelchair tennis champion Jordanne Whiley features in this video about the benefits to mental health taking part in sport and exercise can have for disabled people.


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Barriers to sporting activity in the UK

Infographic: Barriers to sport and exercise. 41% of disabled adults say a lack of suitable activities stops them taking part. Find out more at shocking 57% of the disabled people surveyed in our pre-Paralympic Games investigation said they had completed no moderate intensity physical activity at all in the last seven days.

A lack of exercise provision suitable for disabled people was the main barrier for disabled people. Inaccessible facilities and fear of injury were also high among the reasons given.

Paralympians prepare

We spoke to Kadeena Cox and Ryan Raghoo about their preparations and hopes for Rio 2016.

Kadeena Cox

Kadeena has multiple sclerosis and is proud to be a sprint world record holder and member of Paralympics Team GB cycling.


Ryan Raghoo

Ryan Raghoo jumpingRyan is a long jumper with cerebral palsy targeting the Rio Paralympic Games 2016.

'The status that comes with being an Olympian — or Paralympian, if you prefer — also provides a platform to communicate messages that transcend sport.

'For me, I want to use this platform to fight for equality — equality for disabled people and all minorities.'

Ryan has blogged for us about his journey.

World Disability Day at World Snooker Championship

BBC presenter Hazel Irvine hosting disabled snooker playersLeonard Cheshire was the official disability charity partner for the World Snooker Championship’s disability day in 2016.

Get into sport

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