ChangeNow is an exciting new programme which aims to improve the life chances of young people aged 16-25 with special education needs and disability (SEND) through enhancing their experience and knowledge of the workplace.

ChangeNow, which is funded by The Careers and Enterprise Company, aims to enable them to build their confidence and skills and make informed choices about their future.

Achieve their potential

Young disabled people have dreams and aspirations. We aim to support them to achieve their potential by providing work experience opportunities. We source 10 day work experience placements which will motivate, excite and inspire young disabled people.

We work with local employers who truly believe in the positive impact a young disabled person can bring to a business. The employers we work with will have received bespoke training and support to ensure the placements are fully accessible to the young people who take part.

What is expected from an employer?

  • To provide a role — we want young people to feel part of the team and get a real experience of the workplace.
  • To provide a mentor — someone who can offer support, encouragement and can inspire.
  • Prior to young people starting their work experience we encourage employers to meet the young person, provide a tour of the building, introduce them to colleagues and give a brief description of the work they’ll be doing.

What is expected from schools?

  • Identify suitable young people for the programme.
  • Enable and support selected young people to participate in the programme e.g. having two weeks out of school or college for the placement.
  • Support ChangeNow by providing information to parents and carers about the programme.

Planned start dates

ChangeNow is a pilot programme until August 2018. In that time we aim to have five cohorts of interns — in October, December, February, April and July.

To register your interest please email or call 07715 236 570.