Max Dilke — Change100 2015 intern, SABMiller

Max - Change 100 intern 2015Max Dilke has recently completed his degree in psychology. During his Change100 placement, he was based at SABMiller, the second largest brewing company in the world, within the learning and development team.

Max worked on a learning and development forum and also had the opportunity to understand all aspects of the brewery process.

The brewery tour was a highlight of his placement as he enjoyed learning about the heritage of the company.

The Change100 experience has been a great boost to Max’s confidence.

‘I had no idea what to expect coming in and now I feel like it has clarified where my next step will be.

‘But more importantly it has given me an initial insight into what it’s like to work in a fast paced business environment, what is expected and some of the dos and don’ts.

‘It taught me that I have a lot to learn, that things will be challenging, but more importantly it taught me how rewarding it feels when you start to succeed.’

Max does not see disability as a disadvantage in the workplace and urges disabled people like him to go for opportunities.

‘Go for it, everybody is different one person’s strength is another’s weakness.

‘Diversity in the workplace is what adds a mix of perspectives, experiences and outlooks, which I believe adds strength to an organisation.

‘I feel truly humbled to have been given such a great opportunity. I have met some really inspiring and great individuals along the way.

‘I feel that the experience has given me a focus and direction, which I will use to start my career. 

‘The experience has taught me lessons around what is out there and challenges that may be presented, but most importantly equipped me with an excitement of what the future may hold.’ — Max Dilke, Change100 2015 intern