Sharon Peake, SABMiller — Change100 employer

Sharon Peake, SABMillerSharon Peake works as the Director: Group Talent Management at SABMiller. The leading brewing and beverage company provided three internships for disabled students through the Change100 programme, including Anna McCarthy.

Sharon highlights how much energy they have bought to the organisation and how this has provided a fresh perspective on the way they view and manage projects at work. 

‘It has been incredibly refreshing to have Anna on our team. She brings a lovely interpersonal style and is bright and energetic,’ says Sharon, who explains that having the interns in the office has created a buzz and sparked interest. She feels that it has also helped to demystify people’s perceptions of disability. 

‘Anna communicates easily with people and is brilliant at asking questions. This helps us to look at things in a different way which has been useful learning for everyone. From the start, Anna was already familiar with our computer packages and used the databases capably.’

Sharon said she would recommend taking on a Change100 student to other organisations and highlights how easy it has been to make simple adaptions to ensure Anna is supported in the office. She said: ‘What may have felt like a big deal at the beginning, turned out to be really straightforward and easy. It hasn’t taken much to accommodate Anna’s needs. In return she was a valued member of the team and has delivered some amazing outputs.’

Sharon says that one of the selling points about the Change100 programme is that it provides an opportunity for businesses to access a talent pool of smart, bright people who are hungry for a chance to prove themselves. She said: ‘Change100 is not just an opportunity for the disabled student; it has been an amazing experience for us at SABMiller.

‘We got eager and capable students and I would definitely recommend it to other businesses that are thinking about signing up. We are sad to say goodbye to Anna and the other interns. We will definitely take part in Change100 again.’

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