Payal Jain, Barclaycard — Change100 employer

Payal JainPayal Jain is managing director of strategic analytics at Barclaycard. She describes the Change100 programme as ‘very inspiring’ and felt excited to be briefed about the initiative, learn why it exists and understand how it provides opportunities for disabled students to get some valuable work experience. 

She said: ‘It is so important to have diversity in the team as it brings together different experiences and viewpoints. My advice to any business considering being part of the Change100 programme would be to go for it — it’s that simple. The project has provided a new perspective for me and the team, as well as what we bring to each other. It is so rewarding.’

Payal managed Change100 intern Sophie Stowell during the scheme's pilot year in 2014.

‘Our experience of Change100 has been fantastic. Sophie has brought a whole wealth of knowledge to the team and to the role she has stepped into.’

‘Not only has she delivered exactly what we were hoping for and more, but she has brought in this wonderful attitude that has really spread across the team. It has provided a whole new world of awareness and understanding. We are delighted.’

Payal says seeing Sophie surrounded by schoolchildren smiling at a recent Barclaycard event didn’t fit with the unconfident person Sophie described when first talking about herself.

She said: ‘She was at ease and enjoying herself. It was a special moment for me as it represented how far Sophie has come and how much her confidence has improved.’

Payal also recognises Change100’s role in the internship’s success, both for Sophie and Barclays: ‘The Change100 programme is really valuable — not just in respect of raising awareness for organisations and employers, but also for the individual participants. There is so much support through the process.

‘It is not just about the application and selection process. Once the interns have joined the organisation, they’ve got someone to talk to about the challenges they face and how these can be addressed.’

Payal’s top tips for Change100 participants

  • be confident
  • get involved
  • don’t let your disability hinder you

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