Matt Edwards, Experian — Change100 employer

Matt EdwardsMatt Edwards, creative director for Experian Consumer Services, supported two Change100 work placements in his department.

‘It has been really great having Change100 interns here. We are keen to reach out to young people, so having the fresh ideas from students who have just left university is invaluable.’

Matt explained that as an equal opportunities employer, Experian is keen to offer jobs to people who represent all sectors of society. He said: ‘It has felt no different having a disabled intern. Their disability shouldn’t frame who they are in my view. We value all our employees for their approach and the skills they bring to the organisation.’

Matt is keen to talk about how the Change100 programme has had a positive impact on him and his team: ‘I would say to any organisation which is thinking of signing up to Change100 to go for it — don’t think twice.

‘You will get eager, skilled and very capable students who are keen to learn. They have brought new experiences to the team that we perhaps lacked before. They have shown us that the beliefs and views we had about the organisation can be challenged. This new perspective has been fantastic and very valuable.’

Matt talked about the analytical skills that the students were able to apply to their roles. He said: ‘Our interns came to Experian armed with skills we could use immediately. Their perception and speed to grasp what we asked of them was impressive. They delivered real value to Experian from day one.

‘Both interns have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We have supported them to expand on existing expertise and develop their knowledge on how the business world works. We hope that their future employers will look past their disability and see how valuable they are.’

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