Response to the Queen's speech

21 June 2017

In response to the Queen's speech, our chief executive Neil Heslop said: 

‘We are deeply concerned by the lack of details on proposed action on the social care crisis in the Queen’s speech today.

‘We repeat our urgent calls for a long-term, cross party solution to funding social care.

‘Without that, we fear social care reform is doomed to fail, and will not address fundamental gaps in help for disabled people.

‘Millions of people are affected by the social care crisis, but working age disabled adults make up a third of social care users and just under half of disabled adults who say they need social care do not receive any support at all.

‘It is hugely disappointing their needs seem to have disappeared from the government’s priorities.

‘We are pleased the speech mentioned disability discrimination, as politicians also need to face up to the scandalous waste of talent in this country, as a result of barriers to employment for disabled people.

‘Expansion and reform of the Access to Work scheme is essential, as it provides vital support for disabled people and employers.

‘We hope the new government will now offer clarity on its plans to stop disabled people being needlessly locked out of jobs.’

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