Response to Lord’s Select Committee report on the impact of the Equality Act 2010 on the lives of disabled people

19 July 2016

Leonard Cheshire Disability's head of policy and campaigns, Patrick Olszowski, said:

The report shows there still needs to be a seismic shift in people’s attitudes. Disability is not about other people — it’s about all of us having access to work, rest and play.

‘Disabled people face myriad challenges — but a key one is the ability to safely get around.

‘We have heard from disabled people, specifically wheelchair users and blind people, about taxi drivers refusing to pick them up or being overcharged for their journey.

‘The government must urgently address this by enacting Section 165 of the Equality Act. There is no excuse for keeping disabled people waiting.’

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Notes for editors

Section 165 of the Equality Act (still to be enacted)

Taxi driver duties are:

  1. to carry the passenger while in the wheelchair
  2. not to make any additional charge for doing so
  3. if the passenger chooses to sit in a passenger seat, to carry the wheelchair
  4. to take such steps as are necessary to ensure the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort
  5. to give the passenger such mobility assistance as is reasonably required