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The International Development Committee's report on Disability and Development gives the government the chance to lead the way in ensuring the inclusion of disability in development.

A 60-strong team of dedicated runners is limbering up to run the London Marathon on Sunday for our charity.

Beyond the Barriers, a new report from Spartacus Network, kickstarts an important debate on the failing Work Capability Assessment (WCA) tests.

A committee of MPs has criticised the spare room subsidy (‘bedroom tax‘) for its negative impact on disabled people.

Two people trying out a multiple rider tricycle

Twenty-six people people attended our first triathlon taster session of 2014 at Crystal Palace.

Four pairs of mother-daughter colleagues from our Solent Care at Home linking arms. From left: Lesley Hammer, Donna White, Janet Trowse, Gemma Fair, Caron Lucie, Natasha Smith, Laura Law, Sue Law

These mother and daughter pairs all work together to change the lives of disabled people.

Yesterday World Health Organisation officially declared South East Asia polio free. But we must not forget that there are still millions of adults and children throughout the region who will continue to live with the disabling consequences of polio.

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a big publicity campaign about transport access. Is there more that could be done?

Young Voices campaigners from Zimbabwe went on a speaking tour of six secondary schools in February and March, reaching an amazing total of over 12,000 school children.


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