Our fundraising commitment

24 July 2015

You may have seen reports in the media recently about charity fundraising practices, particularly in relation to ‘cold calling’. We recognise that some people consider these practices to be overly aggressive, especially where vulnerable people are concerned.

We want to assure you that Leonard Cheshire Disability doesn’t behave in this way and these practices are ones we do not engage in.

  • We don't cold call potential supporters.
  • We don’t call supporters who’ve told us they don’t wish to receive phone calls.
  • We don’t sell or share our supporters’ data with anyone else.
  • We don’t take part in street fundraising (‘chugging’).
  • We don't contact people by mail who have asked us not to.
  • If we are made aware a supporter has dementia or informed they are vulnerable, we immediately stop asking them for any donations.

Fundraising is absolutely essential for us to continue our work supporting disabled people to live more independent lives.

And we want to let supporters like you know how we're using your donations, what campaigns and activities we're running, and how you can get involved.

But we will only stay in touch if you want us to, and only in the ways you tell us.

We always want to listen to what you tell us about how you want to support the charity’s work, and act accordingly.

We always welcome feedback. If you aren't happy with the communications you receive from Leonard Cheshire Disability, please let us know.

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