Molenta's story

10 October 2014

Molenta in her classroomMolenta lives in a slum in Kenya, one of a family of five children. When she was one, her mother realised her left arm was very weak. From then on, the discrimination started. Her family would often refer to her as useless. Her mother would say ‘go and get married and bear children, we are tired of taking care and providing for a girl who will not benefit us.’ She was also being teased at school.

Molenta couldn’t bear it any longer and she ran away from home. She dropped out of school for a while and things were looking bleak.

However, things have all changed for Molenta now that our inclusive education project is being implemented at her primary school. She is back in school, and this time round the other students are much more understanding of her disability. Her teachers have now been trained on inclusive education and they are working hard to make sure that the physical and social barriers that prevent girls with disabilities from staying in school are broken down. Her mother is a member of the school’s parents group and her attitude towards Molenta has now totally changed; Molenta is now back living with her family. She is going to school regularly and her teachers say she is very happy and hardworking.