Martin's story — the state of social care in Great Britain in 2016

1 December 2016

As part of our social care campaign, we've spoken to disabled people across the UK about their experiences with social care. This is Martin's story.


by Martin Williams

I live at Leonard Cheshire Disability’s Danybryn service, where I receive great support for my disability, multiple sclerosis.

Despite the great care I receive at Danybryn, I would rather live closer to my family. But I can’t as there isn’t sufficient social care in the community to support me.

A father and stepfather to seven, and a grandfather to six lovely grandchildren, I was happily living with my wife until 2004.

Everything I need is provided at Danybryn. If I want to go out and do things I can, and I’m given as much or as little support as I need by the friendly staff there.

Martin: 'With the right care, I could live closer to my family.'With a great support network I have achieved remarkable things, like summiting both Mount Snowden and Ben Nevis.

I have tried to move three times but have repeatedly been told there is insufficient funding to provide me with care in the community, leaving me stuck living apart from my family.

I love the Leonard Cheshire service where I live, but ultimately, I’d much prefer to be supported to live closer to my family.

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