Jiya's story

10 October 2014

Jiya using counting pegs at schoolSeven-year-old Jiya from India lost her mother when she was just a year-and-a-half old. She was brought up by her grandmother and her maternal uncle Purushottam.

Jiya has cerebral palsy. Her family did everything they could to support her within their limited means. However, they were unable to afford the additional support Jiya needs, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. This in turn meant that Jiya was struggling to progress at school and was on the verge of dropping out.

Our support through our Building enabling communities project came at just the right time! Following an assessment, we secured Jiya the support she needed as well as additional tutorials so she could catch up with her classmates. Counselling and working closely with her family has helped them to manage her needs. With our support Jiya has not only continued to go to school, but is also doing really well academically and has been promoted to the next grade.

‘Every morning, Jiya eagerly looks forward to going to school to study and to be with her friends,’ says Purushottam.