Carlene's story

18 July 2014

Carlene talks about the frustrations she faces every day in her home.

‘The property I've got at the moment is OK, but it's still not fully accessible.

‘I can't access the kitchen which means I can't independently make myself anything to eat or drink.

‘I have to rely on support for that and I really struggle with that. I mean, I'd like to be able to make my husband a meal or us share a meal together and I can't do that.

Also the bathroom, even though it has got a level-access shower in it, I can't shut the door behind me.

‘My current landlord classes it as adequate but who lives in an adequate house? Your home is supposed to be your castle at the end of the day and I don't feel like that about my house at the moment.

‘On a day to day basis it's just a constant struggle in terms of it's not wide enough.

‘I don't want bells and whistles and the world to put it in, do you know? It's just about, I want to do everyday things that everybody else does.’

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