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When Craig Smaaskjaer joined our Change100 internship scheme, he needed a lot of determination. In the end, it paid off.

Bradbury House took part in some pet therapy with a twist!

At least 34 councils in England admit they continue to commission 15-minute visits for personal care, despite official guidance saying they shouldn’t do so.

Raising council tax would only be a temporary sticking plaster in the face of a much bigger problem with social care.

Natasha Jetha discusses how continued funding cuts in social care are adding to the already huge pressures on the NHS.

Christmas arrived early at one of our homes in Abingdon after Santa paid the residents a visit!

Julie, 30, standing outdoors with walking aid

Julie needs to know emergency care will be there when she needs it.

Global Alliance is running activities across the world to highlight how disabled people often cannot access work. 

Martin in a countryside setting

Martin dreams of living with his family, but the flexibility of care and support he needs just isn't available.


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