Gloucestershire Wheels for All

Gloucestershire House resident Collin with volunteers Riina, Sue and MaryOur Gloucestershire Wheels for All project is running inclusive cycling sessions, allowing disabled and non-disabled people to come together and enjoy the benefits of getting on a bike.

As well as running sessions at the Blackbridge Jubilee Athletics Track in Gloucester, we’ve also run some taster ‘off-road’ sessions in the Forest of Dean.

Many of the disabled participants spend a lot of time indoors, so the accessible cycling track and trails round the forest give them the chance to enjoy the outdoors at the same time as getting some exercise and having fun.

We offer inclusive bikes, meaning anybody can take part, whether they have a sensory, physical or learning disability.

The sessions are also great for those with mental health issues including dementia, as well as anyone who needs to gain confidence, lose weight or start an exercise programme.

‘I find the exercise for my legs very good. I also enjoy going out into the Forest of Dean. It makes me feel happier and I get more out of life.’— Sue Willis, who uses our services at Gloucestershire House

The aim of the project

Gloucestershire House residents on a cycleOur goal is to enable even more people to enjoy the benefits of inclusive cycling. To do this, we need to increase the number of adaptive bicycles we have in our fleet and increase the number of inclusive cycling sessions we can offer.

Projects like this are vital given disabled people are only half as likely as non-disabled people to participate in physical or sporting activity once a week, and around seven in 10 disabled people do not take part in any activity at all.

If you’d like to find out more information about our next Gloucestershire Wheels for All event or to get involved in the project, please email Mary Clare Faulkner.

‘The joy on people’s faces is wonderful to see. The sense of freedom participants experience means they can’t wait to have another go and as soon as one session is over, they ask when the next one will be.’— Mary Clare Faulkner, the physiotherapist at Gloucestershire House

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