A warm welcome to Freshfields

We provide support and nursing care for physically disabled adults in a friendly and safe home. Our team is fully trained and we’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Freshfields exterior

You’ll find us in a peaceful setting close to Formby village in Merseyside. The village has a range of local amenities including shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, a swimming pool and a library. We’re also only a short distance from the coast and the National Trust’s ‘Red Squirrel’ reserve.

Facilities for you

Resident using a computer

Freshfields is a spacious, purpose-built home with space for 33 physically disabled adults. There’s always room for you to welcome your family and friends or get together with other residents.

Our facilities include:

  • 33 bedrooms
  • well-maintained garden
  • computer area
  • day centre area
  • sensory room
  • hairdressing/multi-purpose room

Dining choices

We make sure mealtimes can be enjoyed by everyone. Our menus are planned by our residents and staff and special diets are always catered for by our chef.

Enjoy activities

Resident with staff member outside the Freshfields buildingThe home offers a range of activities for residents and day centre visitors including exercise classes, film clubs and bingo nights. Pottery is a particular favourite — we have our own kiln. We also organise trips out ranging from a visit to the local pub to a day out on a barge. You’ll have the chance to be social, get creative or enjoy exercise — you choose. 

Group activities aren’t for everyone and you might just want to do things on your own. If so, we can help. If you need support, one option is to find a volunteer to come along with you.

Whatever activities you’d like to do, you can always talk to one of our team about the different choices available to you.

Matty's story

Matty, a resident at Freshfields‘My name’s Matty and I’ve lived at Freshfields for a year and a half. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, but I’m happy to say that I’ll soon be moving out to live independently in my own flat. 

‘It’s fantastic that you can do whatever you like here. It’s your home and the staff respect that. There are plenty of activities you can do but there’s no pressure to do anything in particular. I’ve just got back from a pub lunch with some of the residents which I really enjoyed. I think the quality of care at Freshfields is incredible. I can’t tell you how good the staff are. 

‘One of the biggest changes for me since I’ve been living here is that my physical health has really improved. I’m a lot fitter than I was, and I’ve lost loads of weight — over 16 stone! I’m hoping that some time in the future I will be able to help others that are in the same situation.’