Access to Employment Youth Pilot

Our pilot is an exciting opportunity to empower youth with disabilities in Thailand to share their challenges and solutions to accessing employment.

Youth with disabilities encounter many challenges in both finding and retaining decent work. Even when well educated, they take longer to find a position, have less job security and less prospect of advancement than their non-disabled peers.

It is essential youth with disability’s voices are heard and are included as part of the solution to bring about positive change.

Our pilot will provide digital training on advocacy skills to youth with disabilities in Thailand. Participants will be able to share their challenges and potential solutions on access to employment.

Social media and advocacy activities empower youth with disabilities to engage with policy makers. This will hopefully ensure youth-friendly, disability-inclusive employment policies and practices are implemented.

Youth with disabilities will also be invited to submit innovative digital solutions to the challenges they face. Those with the most promising solutions will be able to bring their ideas to life to develop prototypes for their products and test them for adoption!