International consultants and suppliers

We're regularly looking for consultancies roles in our regional offices.

Expression of interest

We're seeking to procure services of an independent consultant to conduct a lighter touch mid-term review with a greater focus on learning. 

Our project, in partnership with Tanzania Cheshire Foundation, aims to increase the enrolment and retention of children with disabilities in primary schools, to increase their learning and improve their life chances.

Children with disabilities face multiple barriers to education including stigma around disability, isolation and abuse from family and community members, inaccessible environments and lack of rehabilitative support.

This project addresses the barriers to education to ensure that more children with disabilities access education and improve their learning, ultimately receiving a full, quality and inclusive education.

Key aims and objectives

The consultant will deliver 5 items:

  • Inception Plan: Submitted in electronic form together The Inception plan shall include: Consultant’s understanding of the TOR and comments, proposed methodology, detailed evaluation framework and implementation plan, data collection instruments, field visit plan, workshop agenda, and final report outline 
  • Draft Report: The draft report shall have the following contents: introduction and Background/context, Methodology, Findings (structured around the project outcome areas), conclusions (key lesson learnt), recommendations and an action plan for the remainder of the project for the way forward for TCF and Leonard Cheshire among others. The consultant shall submit the draft report in soft copy for feedback from TCF and Leonard Cheshire.
  • Final Report: A final report, in addition to the above contents, shall incorporate comments from the key TCF and Leonard Cheshire stakeholders who will be consulted for validating the draft report. The consultant shall submit a soft copy in PDF and Word format together with 1 bound colour hard copies.
  • Powerpoint presentation summarizing the findings of the report and actions. 
  • Completed and accurate data sets.

Application process

Interested consultants are invited to submit a proposal on 24 January 2020 by 5pm (Tanzania time) to and copy to

Open call

Our international department are always looking for experienced consultants to join our roster to add extra capacity to our staff.

We're looking for consultants with any of the following skills:

  • inclusive education
  • economic inclusion
  • assistive technology
  • innovation and technology
  • inclusive policies and advocacy
  • MEL
  • safeguarding
  • finance
  • proposal writing
  • project management and grant management

If you are interested to join our consultants’ roster for short/medium term assignments please submit your CV to