International consultants and suppliers

We're regularly looking for consultancies roles in our regional offices.

Development and implementation of a digital career platform in Bangladesh

As part of our innovation to inclusion programme (i2i) we are looking for a supplier who will work in upgrading and/or developing an existing job matching platform, to adapted to the needs of people with disabilities in Bangladesh.

The aim of this platform would be to facilitate the access to private-sector employment for PwD through mainstream platforms. 

Key objectives

  • To facilitate access to employment for PwD through online services and engagement strategies. 
  • To develop an accessible employment platform for PwD based on WCAG 2.1 standards.  
  • To increase the availability of inclusive jobs for PwD through creating a platform where inclusive employers can advertise jobs. 
  • To raise awareness of the i2i programme amongst existing and prospective employers.   


  • An accessible and inclusive online employment platform for persons with disabilities and inclusive employers. 
  • A digital engagement and marketing strategy to support the registration of persons with disabilities and employers. 

Procedure and deadline

Please submit an expression of interest to by email to by 23 December 2019.

Development and implementation of a digital career platform in Kenya

As part of the Innovation to Inclusion programme (i2i), we will develop a digital pathway which consist of several components that will support the journey of people with disabilities (PwD) as they are placed into employment.

One of the key components of the pathway is the Digital Career Platform (DCP). The DCP will register candidates, asses their skill level, abilities, interest and access needs, as well as providing guidance to possible career paths, providing eLearning modules and signposting to training opportunities to improve their skills to external providers, as well as job offers.


  • To increase opportunities for PwD to access employment.
  • To increase independence of PwD by providing them with a wider understanding of their career paths and inform future career decisions.
  • To help PwD acquire a broad understanding of how their access needs can be met by employers.  

Procedure and deadline

Please submit an expression of interest to by email to by 16 December 2019.

Open call

Our international department are always looking for experienced consultants to join our roster to add extra capacity to our staff.

We're looking for consultants with any of the following skills:

  • inclusive education
  • economic inclusion
  • assistive technology
  • innovation and technology
  • inclusive policies and advocacy
  • MEL
  • safeguarding
  • finance
  • proposal writing
  • project management and grant management

If you are interested to join our consultants’ roster for short/medium term assignments please submit your CV to