International consultants and suppliers

We're regularly looking for consultancies roles in our regional offices.

Get on board research project

We're looking for an external research provider, who will provide us with research findings to support the next stage of our transport campaign, Get on Board.

Key objectives

The research will undertake the following activities:

  • To assess the economic impact on the wider economy and productivity levels due to the lack of fully accessible public transport across Britain.
  • To assess the economic impact on the individual due to the lack of fully accessible public transport across Britain.
  • To collect and analyse evidence to strengthen the rationale of new legal duty to make all rail journeys in Britain fully accessible by 2030 and for adequate funds to be allocated to ensure that all train stations are made step-free with a sufficient funding package included in the next Comprehensive Spending Review as well as a commitment for future spending until 2030.
  • To consider the utilisation of the evidence gained to influence the current funding framework, Access to for All;
  • Write a comprehensive report of the findings, inferences and policy recommendations emanating from this research. 

Application process

We're seeking proposals from providers who can support the above objectives and have experience of working in the charity sector.  

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 5pm on Monday 17 February 2020.  

Requests for clarifications must be submitted no later than 12 noon on 14 February 2020. Any clarifications requested after this date will not be considered/responded to. Clarifications will be anonymised and issued to all shortlisted providers.  

Written proposals or requests for clarification should be emailed to:


Setting up a new agency in Ireland

The purpose of this consultancy is to support Leonard Cheshire global team with the set-up of the new agency in the ROI including:

  • Development of a plan for the initial two years of activity
  • Logistics support such as physical set up
  • Development of partnerships for funding activities based on the situation analysis
  • Activities scoping report compiled in late 2019.

Key aims and objectives

The consultancy will deliver the following:

  • In collaboration with the global team and the UK operations team support the development of an initial plan of work and engagement for the first two years of activities.
  • Based on the information and data compiled in the situation analysis report, support with the development of new partnerships and engagement for funding activities, and provide recommendations accordingly.
  • Work with the LC global funding team to initiate engagement with available EU funding opportunities and other institutional and philanthropic donors. 
  • Provide regular progress reports.
  • Support the LC team with identification of premises for the set up of the agency in Dublin.

Application process

Expression of interest highlighting relevant experience to undertake this assignment should be sent by email to by 29 February 2020.

Market analysis and scoping in East and South East Asia

As part of the plan to support our international growth, we are seeking new funding and partnership opportunities in the East and South East Asian region.  

We're looking at securing new partnerships to increase reach and innovation and income from foundations, private sector and institutions required to support growth in the region.

The purpose of this consultancy is to undertake market scoping exercises and development of a plan for this expansion, enabling Leonard Cheshire to prioritise investments for growth and strengthen its presence in the region.

Key objectives

Specifically, the consultancy will deliver the following:

  • A stakeholder analysis of other international development agencies in the targeted regions, with particular emphasis on highlighting any focus on disability as well as partnership opportunities with mainstream organisations (INGOs, international development agencies, etc.) potentially requiring inclusion expertise and partners to successfully bid for mainstream tenders.
  • A market analysis so that Leonard Cheshire is aware of key opportunities and risks within the international development market in the regions. Key considerations within the market analysis will be relevant political and operating environment factors, highlighting networks, forums, and other stakeholders relevant to international development organisations based within the regions, not included within the stakeholder analysis.
  • A scoping exercise to highlight relevant funding opportunities for international development organisations based in the regions. It is envisioned that the scoping exercise will build on the stakeholder analysis and market analysis, identifying relevant funding sources for international development organisations, including funders with specific interests in funding inclusive development. It is expected this will include, but not limited to, institutional funders, foundations, corporates and other philanthropic sources within the East and South East Asian  market. These funders should be proven to be accessible to LC and have an interest in disability.
  • Following the outcome from the above exercises and discussions with Leonard Cheshire, the consultation is expected to develop: (1) A recommended growth plan and proposal for expanding reach and income (2) An assessment of the viability of the current regional office set up and its priorities (3) An analysis of the influencing potential for LC with key stakeholders within the region.

Application process

Applications should be sent by email to by 1 March 2020.

Applications should outline relevant expertise and experience, proposed approach for each deliverable, timeframes and costs. Applications will be scored against criteria including value for money, with a shortlist of applicants interviewed prior to final selection.

Open call

Our international department are always looking for experienced consultants to join our roster to add extra capacity to our staff.

We're looking for consultants with any of the following skills:

  • inclusive education
  • economic inclusion
  • assistive technology
  • innovation and technology
  • inclusive policies and advocacy
  • MEL
  • safeguarding
  • finance
  • proposal writing
  • project management and grant management

If you are interested to join our consultants’ roster for short/medium term assignments please submit your CV to