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Terms and conditions

The intern must be aged between 16-30 on the day of starting the internship.

The internship/placement must be based in Greater London. All participating SMEs must be approved for a bursary before the internship/placement starts.

Payments will only be reimbursed once all terms and conditions have been confirmed. Each SME is limited to three interns within a rolling 12 month period.

The internship/placement must be for at least 200 hours within a 12 month period.

The number of hours worked per week and overall duration of the internship can be determined by the employer and intern.

If an internship ends prior to the 200 hours being completed then, after a satisfactory investigation, the SME can apply to make up this funding with another internship.

Interns must be paid a minimum of the London Living Wage and the bursary will pay for a maximum wage of £20 per hour.

The maximum amount that can be claimed per intern is £4,000 per internship within the 12 months of the internship.

The Employer will be reimbursed for the salary payments of the intern upon Leonard Cheshire receiving the invoice from the employer. The employer will send four separate invoices when the intern has completed: 

  • 100 hours of employment 
  • 200 hours of employment 
  • 300 hours of employment 
  • 379 hours of employment