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Mumbai, India

Access to livelihoods

Location: Mumbai, India

Start date: June 2014

Partner: Mumbai Cheshire Home

Funded by: World Jewish Relief Fund

There are 70 million disabled people living in India but only 100,000 have obtained employment in mainstream industries. Nowhere is this exclusion more apparent than in Mumbai, India’s financial and economic capital and the most densely populated city in the world.

This project is improving the social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities in Mumbai by building skills, capacity and confidence; challenging local skills providers, employers, policy makers and the media to change their perceptions of disability; and creating greater opportunities for people of all abilities to secure employment or start their own business.

The support will be delivered through our Livelihoods Resource Centre model. We are piloting a new virtual component to enhance the project’s reach and explore greater use of e-learning through virtual workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions.

Project targets

  • Livelihoods training for 1,500 people with disabilities.
  • 900 people with disabilities supported into waged employment.
  • 400 people with disabilities supported into self-employment.