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Lazio Peace


Understanding the political and institutional conditions for effective poverty reduction for persons with disabilities

Location: Liberia

Start date: April 2014

Partner: University of Liberia

Funded by: UK Government and the Economic and Social Research Council

This research project will investigate multidimensional poverty and well-being among individuals with disabilities and their families in Liberia.

The findings will support work on poverty alleviation and future longitudinal studies on causality between poverty and disability. Significantly, it will also provide an evidence base for in-country decision making, including drafting and implementation of new National Human Rights Action Plan and National Disability Action Plan.

Our research will be the first to examine effects that macroeconomic policies and related efforts (e.g. new disability-specific legislation) have on persons with disabilities, identifying Liberian-specific contextual solutions and best practices, and possibly a 'virtuous circle' where Liberian Government efforts can be reinforced through feedback from persons with disabilities and their organisations.

For more information and updates about this project please visit our research centre website