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Lazio Peace


Promoting economic inclusion of people with disabilities in rural China

Locations: Ji (Shanxi Province), Baiquan (Heilongjiang Province), Wangqing (Jilin Province), Qingyuan (Liaoning Province), Ke’erqin (Inner Mongolia)

Project start date: April 2014

Partner: China Disabled People’s Federation (CDPF)

Funder: Kadoorie Foundation

While China has made economic progress in the last 30 years, a significant number of people with disabilities still do not have access to mainstream education, skills development, employment, and financial services. This is even more so in rural China, where there is unequal access to education, training and employment opportunities.

This project improves the employability of people with disabilities in five rural counties in northern China through our tried and tested Livelihoods Resource Centre model. We work with people with disabilities to understand their abilities, develop their skills and help them to make their own career decisions. Access to financial services such as microfinance support is made available to help people start their own small businesses.

Project targets:

  • 7,000 people with disabilities will be equipped with foundation training to make them work-ready.
  • 4,500 of the foundation trainees will progress onto a 2nd stage of knowledge and skills training.
  • 1,000 of the 2nd stage trainees will receive financial support to start their own small businesses.