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Lazio Peace


Livelihoods promotion

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Start date: 2008

Partner: Dhaka Cheshire Home

Currently employment and training opportunities for disabled people are almost non-existent in Bangladesh. Through this project, we are supporting people with disabilities in the Dhaka region of Bangladesh to earn a living. The project focuses on the residents of the Dhaka Cheshire Home, a residential home for people with disabilities, and people with disabilities from the local community who are looking for employment. The project provides training opportunities for people with disabilities and works with local employers, other NGOs, training and financial service institutions to provide disability friendly employment services. The project also ensures people with disabilities are able to access the health and rehabilitation support they need in order to work.

Project targets (per year):

  • Provide training in identified trades for 40 disabled people from within the Home and the local community, who would like to be in employment
  • Out of the 40 disabled people above, identify 20 to receive additional training on microfinance practices; starting small businesses and entrepreneurship skills
  • Encourage 5 local employers to take action to promote employment opportunities for disabled people
  • Provide 10 disabled people with aids and/ or appliances to facilitate access to work
  • Establish network links with ten local resource organisations

Project highlights include:

  • Residents of Dhaka Cheshire Home have received training on making handicrafts such as block and batik prints, dolls and glass paintings. They also received training on how to market them. At the moment they are selling their products directly from home. The trainer, staff and board members have also been selling them to private entrepreneurs. There is a huge demand for the items produced and they are making a good profit.
  • Links have been made with a number of local organisations including social charitable clubs, NGOs, local government departments and the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation. Through these links, the project is looking to expand the business prospects of the products made by the residents of the Home.
  • Through the project, 26 people recently received Entrepreneurship Development Program training. All 26 participants have now started small business ventures after being given a small amount of seed money.