Access to Livelihoods in Zimbabwe

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Start date: October 2012
Partner: Leonard Cheshire Zimbabwe Trust
Funded by: Anglo American Group Foundation

This three-year project supports people with disabilities in Harare and the surrounding rural districts to find a job or start their own business. Through the project we are providing people with disabilities with training, business development support and microfinance, as well as forging partnerships with local employers.

Project targets:

  • 400 people to have gained employment or set up their own business
  • 1,600 people to have completed training for their desired industry
  • Livelihoods Resource Centre established in Harare, which will reach 2,500 people
  • Database created matching candidates to employment opportunities

Project highlights include:

  • A computer library has been set up in the Livelihoods Resource Centre with three computers. Two of the computers have been installed with JAWS screen-reading software for people with visual impairments.
  • 26 people were given training in electronics and have succeeded in producing electronic surge protectors from scratch. They plan to start producing these in bulk – over 2,000 a month – and sell them for a good profit.
  • We have raised awareness of disability with over 50 companies including hotels, cafes and banks. We hope that this will lead to more opportunities for employment, internship, job shadowing and volunteering.