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Improving social inclusion and increasing employment opportunities for disabled people in Tanzania, Uganda and Sierra Leone

This project has now ended. Find out about our current projects on our livelihoods page.

Location: Sierra Leone: Freetown, Kono and Kabala; Tanzania: Dodomo; Uganda: Budaka and Buikwe
Start date: January 2011
Partner:  Cheshire Services Uganda, Tanzania Cheshire Foundation and National Council of Cheshire Services Sierra Leone
Funded by:  European Union

This project aims to lift people with disabilities in Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda out of poverty by supporting them to earn a living. Through the project we have established or expanded existing Livelihoods Resource Centres (LRCs) in the six project locations. The LRCs provide a space for people with disabilities to receive careers guidance, counselling and training as well as access to relevant job information and a space to meet and share experiences.

The project also supports disabled people to form community groups, providing them with guidance on employment and supporting them to access loans and savings schemes. We build links with local employers, micro-finance institutions and government. We share best practice and lessons learned from the project to advocate for policy change and action on a national, regional and international level.

Project targets:

  • 1,500 disabled people with improved social inclusion and enhanced employment prospects.
  • An additional 900 disabled people with improved social inclusion.
  • 7,000 family members benefit from increased income generating capacity of people with disabilities

Project highlights: 

  • Staff at the Livelihoods Resource Centres have been given training on the use of sign language. This helps the staff to reach people with hearing and speech impairments and provide them with support.
  • Over 1,200 people with disabilities have received training through the project on a wide range of themes including business skills development, salon and hair dressing, motor vehicle mechanics, tailoring and embroidery of garments, graphic design and carpentry.
  • In Tanzania, people with disabilities told our project staff that they have found it difficult to find affordable and accessible locations where they can set up their businesses. The LRC successfully lobbied the government to provide a permanent space in Dodoma Municipality which some of the people with disabilities can use as a centre for business.
  • In Uganda, 64 instructors and support staff of Jinja Vocational Training Institute participated in a recent curriculum review workshop. The workshop aim was to create awareness of disability issues and build the capacity of staff at the institute to deliver the curriculum and support people with disabilities in skills training.
  • In Sierra Leone, the project has worked closely with 18 employment training institutes, advising them on adapting their training curriculum and the physical environment of the institutes to make them more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.