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The latest news about our work around the world.

Ishan tells us his experience of attending the High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation in Mexico.

Men in the street on motorised bikes

We are offering a discount on two books published by our international department.

Yaaseen tells us his experiences of growing up with a disability in Mauritius.

Girl in school

People all around the world are taking action as part of Global Action Week on education and disability.

Schoolgirl at desk

Our project, ‘Pioneering inclusive education strategies for disabled girls in Kenya’, has been selected as one of 19 GEC ‘Innovation’ projects.

The International Development Committee's report on Disability and Development gives the government the chance to lead the way in ensuring the inclusion of disability in development.

Yesterday World Health Organisation officially declared South East Asia polio free. But we must not forget that there are still millions of adults and children throughout the region who will continue to live with the disabling consequences of polio.

Young Voices campaigners from Zimbabwe went on a speaking tour of six secondary schools in February and March, reaching an amazing total of over 12,000 school children.

For International Women's Day 2014, we're profiling inspiring women, calling for against the end violence against disabled women and launching a new film about inclusive education for disabled girls.


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