Schoolgirl at desk

Access to education for people with disabilities in the Philippines

This project has now ended. Find out about our current projects on our inclusive education page.

Location: National Capital Region, Luzon and Mindanao
Start date: October 2011
Partner: LCD Philippines Foundation Inc
Funded by: USAID

Through this project we are supporting 600 children with disabilities to go to mainstream primary school in the Philippines. We work with schools to build an accessible learning environment and train teachers on teaching children with disabilities. We also organise child-to-child activities for children with and without disabilities to support and learn from each other, and encourage parents and communities to support children with disabilities to attend school. We are working in partnership with the Department of Education to bring about positive changes to policy and practice around inclusive education in the Philippines.

Project targets:

  • 600 children with disabilities enrolled and retained in 100 mainstream primary schools
  • 20 schools with a more supportive physical environment

Project highlights:

  • 43 children with disabilities, youth leaders and 16 teachers and local government partners participated in a National Children & Youth Forum held in May 2013. Children and young people with disabilities discussed some of the issues that they face and learnt about their rights. All the participants at the forum agreed and signed a statement about the importance of their rights to inclusive education and equal participation.
  • We ran community-based rehabilitation seminars for local government partners in Barangays. This led to signed commitments from local government officials to ensure rehabilitation, equal opportunities and social inclusion for children with disabilities.
  • Training for parents and community volunteers has helped them to realise that listening and believing in their children are among the most important roles of parents. Following the training they came up with advocacy plans for supporting children with disabilities that they plan to present to their respective local government councils.
  • We have organised several activities for children with and without disabilities to do together including art therapy, music therapy, drawing, storytelling, day camps and indoor and outdoor games. These activities are really helping children with disabilities to integrate and gain more independence.