Increasing educational access for children with disabilities living in the slum communities of Mumbai

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Project start date: April 2014
  • Funder: individual donor

Mumbai is the most populated city in the world, with 62% of its inhabitants living in slum communities. Disability and poverty are deeply related. Persons with disabilities are among the poorest  in the country. Approximately 90% of children with disability never attend school in India.

This project will provide educational and health services to children with disabilities from economically disadvantaged families, primarily those living in the slum communities of Asalpha, Asalphagon, parts of Sakinaka and Kajupada.

The project will ensure that children with disabilities receive a mainstream education, while also creating an enabling environment for children with disabilities by creating greater awareness of their needs among parents, teachers in mainstream schools and children without a disability. In particular, we will deliver timely health interventions, parent counselling, and sensitisation of health, mainstream school and education authorities.

Key targets

  • Support 35 children with disabilities to enrol in mainstream education.
  • 100 children with disabilities to be identified and assessed for type and extent of disability. At least one parent of each child with disability identified to undergo caregiver training to enhance support provision to their disabled child.
  • 200 parents or family members to receive training on disability rights.
  • 50 children with disabilities to access therapeutic interventions through physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
  • 50 community health workers advised on disability and trained on identifying disabilities.
  • 200 children's health workers and mainstream pre-primary and primary school teachers advised on disability, strategies to support and teach children with disabilities effectively in an inclusive set up, and provided with teaching and learning material to aid and adapt their teaching strategies.