Prequalification of suppliers for goods and services for the financial year 2017/2018

Since 2013, Leonard Cheshire Disability have been implementing a UKAID/DfiD funded project, Girl Education Challenge (GEC) in four counties namely Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay and Migori through our East and North Africa Regional Office. 

Starting April 2017, subject to funding, we will start a second phase of the project, the GEC Transition (GEC T) phase where we are anticipating to work with over 2000 girls with disability, about 80 schools both primary and secondary, approximately 700 teachers and 700 parents among other stakeholders.

Leonard Cheshire Disability invites applications for prequalification from interested, eligible and competent bidders for the supply of goods, provision of services and repair and maintenance services for the period ending 30 June 2019.

Tender No: LCD/1/2017-2018

Category A Supply of goods
Code No. Item description
LCD/G/01/2017 Supply of general office equipment, office stationery and other related items.
LCD/G/02/2017 Supply of computers, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, computer software, licenses consumables and other peripherals.
LCD/G/03/2017 Supply and printing of promotional and branded materials.
LCD/G/04/2017 Supply and delivery of hardware, electrical appliances, fittings and other related items.
LCD/G/05/2017 Supply and delivery of newspapers, periodicals and magazines.
LCD/G/06/2017 Supply and delivery of furniture.
LCD/G/07/2017 33-seater van including disability adaptation and fabrication.
Category B Provision of services
LCD/S/01/2017 Provision of lan, wan, internet networking, web, mobile and desktop application, web design and development services.
LCD/S/02/2017 Provision of proofreading/editing; typesetting, design and printing of promotional branded materials and other related services.
LCD/S/03/2017 Provision of photography, video graphic, public address system & other related services.
LCD/S/04/2017 Provision of office security system and guard services.
LCD/S/05/2017 Provision of fuel cards.
LCD/S/06/2017 Provision of conference and accommodation facilities in Nairobi, Kisumu, Homa Bay, Siaya, Migori and Kuria East.
LCD/S/07/2017 Provision of consultancy services: stakeholder and staff trainings on various themes.
LCD/S/09/2017 Provision of event organisation services.
LCD/S/10/2017 Provision of outside catering services in Nairobi, Kisumu, Homa Bay, Siaya, Migori and Kuria East.
LCD/S/11/2017 Provision of transport services: taxis, vans, mini-buses and buses.
LCD/S/13/2017 Provision of sanitary towels.
LCD/S/14/2017 Provision of disability assistive devices e.g spectacles, hearing aids, wheelchairs etc. and/or assessment services.
LCD/S/15/2017 Provision of school uniforms and related scholastic materials (bags, books).
LCD/S/16/2017 Branding plaques and other related signage.
LCD/S/17/2017 Provision of courier services
LCD/S/18/2017 Provision of report-writing services
Category C Repairs and maintenance services
LCD/RS/01/2017 Repair and maintenance of computers, printers, laptops, scanners, telephone, office equipment, machines and related services.
LCD/RS/02/2017 Vehicle repair and maintenance

Vendors/suppliers of Leonard Cheshire Disability​ whose MoUs have not yet expired are kindly advised to email

Required documents are as detailed below:

  • copy of certificate of incorporation/registration
  • copy of V.A.T Registration Certificate
  • tax compliance Certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority
  • copies of pin certificates of firm/company/individual — where applicable (community suppliers to attach applicable relevant documents)
  • bank references and details
  • information on contact address (physical location) and other necessary contacts

    • email addresses
    • day-time Telephone/Mobile number
    • post office address
    • person to contact

Use the forms/documents provided to apply

Completed prequalification documents together with attachments in a zipped folder be sent to with a subject line indicating type of category (Category A, B or C) and code number. Any questions too should be sent to the same address.


Closing date for applications 6 June 2017 at 2pm Kenyan Time

Applicants whose applications are determined to be successful will be notified by Leonard Cheshire Disability​ by 30 June 2017.

Due to the anticipated number of applicants, we may not be able to respond to unsuccessful applicants but we will endeavor to acknowledge receipt of all applications.

Signing of MoUs will be on case by case basis after the closure.

Please read the accompanying instructions carefully before filling in the forms.