Leonard Cheshire Disability research and policy analysis consultancy

Leonard Cheshire Disability supports disabled people in the UK and in over 50 countries around the world.

Our ultimate goal is a society in which every person is equally valued. Disabled people should have the freedom to live their lives the way they choose — with the opportunity and support to live independently, to contribute economically and to participate fully in society. 

Overseas Leonard Cheshire Disability works with independent, locally managed partners, many of whom share the Cheshire name and are a part of the Leonard Cheshire Global Alliance

Over the next five years, it is our ambition to increase our impact, enriching the lives and promoting independence for more than 100,000 disabled people across Africa and Asia.

We will do this through our inclusive development approaches that combine our expertise in programme delivery, policy and research. 

Our hope is to put disability at the heart of international development. Our aim is a world that is inclusive and equitable, which translates into no one being left behind in the development process, a world where disabled children and adults have the freedom and opportunity to access education, contribute economically, and to participate fully and equitably in society.

This includes taking into account the needs of the most marginalised along with those of others.

We are looking for a consultant researcher and policy analyst with significant experience in international disability and social policy.


Since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals there has been increased focus on how to move from rhetoric to reality, especially with regards to inclusive education, which was not a priority in previous international frameworks.

The consultant will write a report that contributes to the broader understanding of inclusive education policies, and which will influence the debate at a global level by highlighting existing gaps and providing policy recommendations. 

Scope of the report and methods

  • This report provides a detailed analysis comparing international standards and best practices to the current situation in the following areas: stakeholder engagement, legislation and policy frameworks, disability prevalence rates, general education of disabled children. 
  • The core questions to be addressed are:

    • How do current national legislation address inclusive education as a right compared to international legislative standards?
    • What are the gaps, if any, between law and practice related to the education of disabled children?
    • How do current monitoring practices compare with universally accepted best practices for policies related to the education of disabled children?
    • What services or resources exist to support the education of disabled children compared to what resources meet general best practice recommendations?
    • What is the status of the current national capacities and budget for education of disabled children? 

Consulting days

The consultancy will take place during the months of November 2016 to April 2017, with an expected duration of 30 days.

To apply please submit your CV, and a financial proposal with daily rate, to Ola Abu Alghaib by 25 November 2016.