Looking beyond the UK

Next year we aim to support 9,000 children to go to school There are more than a billion disabled people around the world, making up 15% of the global population.

Sadly, many are cut off from education, employment and healthcare. For example, more than 16 million children with disabilities can’t go to school.

It’s a tragic waste of potential — and we can’t let it happen.

We run projects around the world, supporting disabled people to nurture their talents.

In 2014-15 we helped 5,500 disabled children in Africa and Asia to get a primary education.

With your support we can help more disabled children and adults look forward to a brighter future.

Friday's story

Friday Mponda is 14 years old, and is from the Chongwe District in Zambia.

Although he was born with a disability that means he’s unable to walk, he has always been bright, cheerful, and keen to do exactly the same things other children do — including going to school.

The only way Friday could get to school was if his grandmother carried him. But sometimes she just couldn’t manage it.

It was a tragedy for Friday — he was in danger of becoming one of the thousands of children in Zambia who can’t get an education.

Our project team met Friday and his family. They gave him a wheelchair and arranged regular physiotherapy for him, which means he can get to school by himself.

And thanks to the ramps they installed in the school building, Friday can move around easily too.