Helping everyone fulfil their potential

Can Do: 89% of participants reported an increase in confidence. 89% of young people who completed an evaluation said they had gained a new skill or developed an existing oneIt’s important disabled people have opportunities in all aspects of their lives.

That’s why we run projects like Can Do, which gives young disabled people the chance to volunteer within their communities.

By the end of March 2015 we were running Can Do in 12 locations — by 2018 we want to increase this to 24.

And, because there is a need, we’ll start working with children as young as 10.

Alisha and Can Do

‘Can Do has made me able to help other people and tell them about my experiences.’

Alisha is 16 and has cerebral palsy. She joined Can Do after hearing about it at school.

She’s taken part in lots of activities: she’s done a first aid course and promoted Can Do within her community.

She even raises money for the project in her spare time. She’s grown in confidence — and made new friends along the way.

She says:

‘Can Do has made it possible for me to show others my skills, and to help other people learn.’

Alisha is now volunteering at her local Leonard Cheshire Disability service in Wales.

Having had mentoring and befriending training from Can Do, she spends time with residents one-to-one, helping them use the internet to explore their interests.

Now she wants to set up a community group to support other disabled people in her area.