The difference gifts in wills make

Laura on an exercise bikeMany of our supporters choose to remember us with a gift in their will.

Nearly half of our donated income comes from these gifts and we are so grateful for every one of them large or small.

These incredible legacies are changing lives for the better like Laura’s in the story below.  

Laura's story

Danybryn is our residential home near Cardiff. The residents have physical disabilities, and physiotherapy sessions are hugely beneficial for them.

When David Jones left a gift in his will, the Danybryn team used the money to buy a specialist exercise bike that really enhances the physio sessions.

As well as exercising their legs, residents can also exercise their arms — some spend over an hour a day on the bike.

One of the residents who loves the bike is Laura Smith. She had some serious illnesses in childhood, and complications have left her unable to walk without help.

But now Laura can take a few steps using a frame, and is determined to do even more.

‘Since moving here to Danybryn I have been using the exercise bike three to four times a week.

‘At first I started on level one and now I am up to level 15!

‘The progress I am making is helping me to realise my dream of being able to walk again.’— Laura

42% of our donations come from gifts in wills like David’s. These incredible legacies are changing lives for the better.