Creating happy lives

Last year 4,000 volunteers supported disabled people to take part in social and leisure activities. Next year we plan to recruit 20% more volunteers.Whether they live in their own homes or in one of our homes with care, we help disabled people to enjoy happy home lives.

Thanks to the money raised by our supporters, we offer everything from computer training, cookery and transport services, to art and music sessions — activities that give disabled people independence and joy.

Simon and Anthony's story

Simon and AnthonyGloucestershire House is one of our residential homes. It’s a beautiful building on the outskirts of Cheltenham, and is home to 36 adults with physical disabilities.

Thanks to money raised by our supporters, the team has been able to take on a new member of staff — Simon — their weekend and evening driver.

Because of Simon, residents can get around the community more easily — they can go bowling, to the theatre, watch Cheltenham Town FC home matches, or just pop to the shops.

Resident Anthony knows how difficult it can be to get out and about — he was once hospitalised when his wheelchair tipped over in a taxi.

‘We couldn’t go out in the evenings and weekends very much until we got the bus and Simon came.

‘He is not just a driver, but also a really nice guy.’— Anthony

Thanks to Simon, residents have more choice about what they can do in the evenings and at weekends. This means they feel freer and more independent.

One of our priorities for next year is recruiting more drivers like Simon, so even more disabled people can enjoy outings and activities when they want to.