Changing minds, changing lives

It’s not enough to improve lives within our own services. 

We need to make the wider public aware of the issues disabled people face, so we can create a society with fairer laws, equal opportunities and happier communities.

That’s why we campaign about all kinds of issues, especially those in social care, health and housing. 

The money raised by our supporters, and the work of our fantastic volunteer campaigners, allows us to raise the voices of disabled people around the country.

Ruby and Cody's story

Ruby and CodyRuby lives in South Wales. Her son Cody has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which means he’ll gradually lose control of all the muscles in his body.

By the time he’s 12, Cody will need a wheelchair to get around. However, the family’s council home can’t be adapted to suit Cody’s needs.

And there’s no other house available.

‘Cody’s life expectancy is only 27.

‘Whilst he’s still able to do it, I want to give him everything. But it all starts with a home.’— Ruby

Ruby’s council have agreed to build between 10 and 15 adaptive houses. But she’s number 17 on the list.

And there are many others like Ruby: over 300,000 families in Britain are waiting for a suitable home.

Thanks to the money and time donated by our supporters, we were able to run petitions and produce research reports on this issue.

And as a result of our campaign, guidelines for more disabled-friendly homes have been added to the government’s official building standards.

It means fewer disabled people will face the same situation as Ruby and Cody.