Doing a world of good

Last year, thanks to our supporters

  • we provided work training for 9,878 disabled people across Africa and Asia
  • our education and employment services combined reached almost 12,000 people

With the help of our supporters, we work across Africa and Asia so that disabled children can go to school and adults can find work.

As part of this, our corporate partner Accenture funds training centres. Last year, these centres helped 6,488 disabled people across India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka, giving them the skills they need to find jobs or set up their own business.

There are more than a billion disabled people around the world, and they’re among the most disadvantaged and marginalised in society.

Thanks to your support, we’re helping people to develop their skills, find their way out of poverty, and find their place in society.

Looking ahead

Next year we hope to support over 15,000 disabled children and adults across Africa and Asia.

Dhanalakshmi's story

DhanalakshmiBecoming independent wasn’t easy for Dhanalakshmi: at eight she contracted polio, which left her unable to walk without leg braces. Through sheer determination, she earned a diploma in computer application and moved away from home.

After some financial struggles, she pawned her jewellery to buy two computers and a photocopier and launched a computer training centre in her village. However, her lack of accounting knowledge made it difficult to manage.

Our training centre gave her just the skills she needed. She could then build savings and expand her business.

‘I learned how to identify projects, write proposals, and calculate cost benefit analysis.

‘None of this would have been possible without the Leonard Cheshire Disability training centre.’

— Dhanalakshmi, an entrepreneur in India