Celebrating 2016-17 — Leonard Cheshire Disability Impact Report 2016/17

You're helping us build a world without limits

‘We need to set our sights high, to be satisfied with nothing less than the best, and to commit ourselves totally and unreservedly to participate in the struggle to build a more liveable world.’

— Leonard Cheshire, our founder

Having fought in the war, Leonard Cheshire believed he had a duty to those who didn’t survive: a duty to build a better world. By creating our organisation, he helped change
attitudes about disability — and the lives of countless disabled people.

Today we’re working with supporters like you to build the world Leonard dreamed of. We’re offering disabled people care and support, education and training so that they can reach their full potential.

We’ve still got a lot to do to make sure all disabled people have the opportunities other people take for granted. But thanks to you, we’re closer than we’ve ever been.

With your continued support, we will get there.

People who use our services at Randall Close at Parallel

Last year, thanks to you:

  • we worked with over 7,600 disabled people in the UK
  • we supported nearly 12,000 disabled people in Africa and Asia

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Find out about what we've done in 2016-17:

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Leonard Cheshire Disability impact report 2016-17 (PDF)