Vanessa sits at a desk in class

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I have a disability, but it’s not stopping me.

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Vanessa's story

My classmates used to call me names because of my hearing impairment. My teachers thought I didn’t want to listen. Leonard Cheshire supported me to get a hearing aid and enrolled me in a school where my teachers recognised my abilities. I feel confident now, and am looking forward to the future. I was recently awarded a scholarship for my secondary education.

I have a disability, but given the right opportunities, I can achieve the same goals as my peers and even surpass them.

Venessa works with her teacher on school work

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A young boy smiles at a young girl with a hearing aid


could help pay for an assistive device, such as a hearing aid, so that disabled children can communicate with their teachers, friends and family.
Vanessa sits with school friends


could help make a school more accessible for disabled children by building ramps, adapting toilets or providing accessible learning materials.
A classroom of schoolgirls with their teacher


could help train teachers so they have the skills to ensure disabled children do not get left behind.

Can you support a young disabled person like Vanessa today?


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