Colin in his wheelchair drinking hot chocolate

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I have a disability, but it’s not stopping me.

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Colin's story

DJ-ing and music mean everything to me. Before, when I didn’t have a computer, I felt kind of lost, because I couldn’t play my music.

Now, thanks to Leonard Cheshire, I have the training and technology I need. I play my DJ sets for everyone to enjoy. But it’s not just about sharing my music – I want to show people that no matter what anyone says, disabled people can do things.

I hope my DJ-ing can inspire other disabled people to do the same kind of thing I can do. 

Colin in his wheelchair in front of a desk of three computers

Support a young disabled person like Colin


Graham, a resident at Godfrey Robinson House, with Amanda, a member of staff


could help buy specialist computer equipment, such as a large format keyboard, so a young disabled person can talk to friends and family online independently.

Brian, a member of staff, with Dave at Godfrey Robinson House


could help deliver training and support to a young disabled person so they can increase their digital skills.

Karina. Gareth, and Steve using computers at the STARS Community Centre


could help provide a young disabled person with an adapted laptop, so they can be fully independent with doing everyday things like online shopping and applying for jobs online.

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