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Don't have time to put on an event? Run a sweepstake! Not only is it easy to organise but you can do it all online.

If you've never fundraised before or want something simple to kickstart your fundraising, this may be the perfect way to get started! By creating an online sweepstake you can raise money for Leonard Cheshire Disability without having to worry about going round collecting money from people or looking after a pile of sponsorship forms.

You can set up a sweepstake for pretty much anything you can measure — from the weight of a new born baby to the length of a best man's speech or the number of jelly beans in a jar. You can even keep it in the office and guess how many buzz words your boss will use in their next 'brainstorming' presentation. The possibilities are endless!

We'd love all our supporters to set up sweepstakes regardless of whether they are taking on a bigger event, but we also know that some of the fundraising targets for those taking on a challenge can be quite daunting. Don't forget it's not all about asking people to sponsor you: setting up a sweepstake so people can guess the finishing time of your event is a great way to give your fundraising a boost.

How it works

The idea of a sweepstake is to get people talking about it and taking part and the easiest way to do this is through Guess2Give. Anyone can set up a Guess2Give fundraising page — it’s free and only takes a few minutes. Friends pay £3 to guess the result of whatever fundraising event you have chosen. They can guess as many times as they like and whoever's guess is closest to the result wins the cash prize - there’s no limit to the prize fund, so the more friends you involve the bigger the cash prize!

Create your Guess2Give sweepstake now.